The best way to store them is rolled up on themselves, making a kind of "curl", gently and without squeezing the silk, to prevent the folds from being marked and with the fringe always inwards. Then they must be placed in a cotton bag, we deliver one with the purchase of each shawl.

Another way to store it is to catch it in the center and let it fall, although it takes up more space.

What should never be done is to keep them hanging on a hanger, since the weight of the latticework and the fringes, especially in large shawls, can cause the silk to suffer.

Before using them, it is advisable to take them out of their bag a few days before and stretch them out, preferably on a smooth surface, such as a table. The very weight of the shawl will stretch both the silk and the fringes. The latter can be easily unraveled with your fingers.

It may happen that after a while the fringes stand out, in this case, the ends can be trimmed a little, but we recommend going to a professional who is used to handling these garments.

Washed and ironed

Shawls should never be washed or soaked in water. We simply recommend airing them before each use and if they have any stains, go to a specialized dry cleaner.

If, having had the shawl stretched out for a few days, it still has some wrinkles, both the silk and the fringe can be ironed without any problem, they admit high temperatures. Silk should always be ironed inside out, to prevent the silk from shining and not to remove the highlight from the embroidery. And as for the fringes, it is preferable to simply untangle them carefully, because when ironing them (with a hair straightener it is very simple), the thread, which has a round shape, stays flatter. Our advice is to first try to untangle them with your fingers, but if they are very wrinkled, you can go through them carefully with a hair straightener and they will be perfect.

We hope you have found it useful and if you have any questions, you can always contact us!