Artesanía Nava

The Company

Since its foundation in 1988, as the third generation in the making and commercialization of Lagarteran embroidery, our developement has been centered around quality and exellence, with the aim of reaching one objective: our customers' satisfaction

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If you have reached this point it's because your choice is clear.

The shawl, hand embroidered in natural silk, does not only reflect a taste for craftmanship, but also for the most recognized icon of Spanish culture. An item that in a suble way attracts admiring glances to whoever it caresses. A total luxury furnished to us by the expert hands of the embroiderer. Denotes a status, personality and a lot of style, together with a special touch of elegance.

Sobre nosotros - Artesanía Nava

Our Premises

Our premises are in Lagartera, in the Avenida del Maestro Guerrero, nº1.

Both our shop and warehouse are to be found in what once was the local cinema, called the "Avenida" cinema. By retaining some of the typical features of such a building, we have created an original atmosphere very much in tune with our products, but without renouncing current trends.